Apple AirPods


Apple 自家製的無線耳機 AirPods 在 Original 現貨發售。AirPods 具備通話和聽歌功能,每次戴上後便會自動連接及播放,同時適用於 iPhone、iPad、Apple Watch 及 Mac 機。你亦可以透過輕按 AirPods 來啟動 Siri,在感應你聲音的同時它能夠把噪音過濾。AirPods 更配備可隨身攜帶的充電盒,帶給你多達 24 小時的電量。

現在購買「真・無線耳機」都可以做分期,只要你持有工銀澳門信用卡到 Original 各分店購買 AirPods 或 其他 MOP1,000 或以上的「真・無線耳機」*,可享24個月免息分期優惠,即是每月只要 MOP55 便可擁有 AirPods!

另外,每月只需加 MOP4,便可同時換購 Jawbone UP Move 活動追蹤器一個** (原價 MOP398)。戴住耳機及穿戴裝置,就可以一路運動、一路聽歌,事半功倍!

* 24個月免息分期只適用於 MOP1,000 或以上的「真・無線耳機」

** 優惠產品數量有限,售完即止 



Apple AirPods

Available Now

The Apple wireless AirPods are now available at Original. Not only are they compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac, they connect and play automatically. You can activate Siri by taping the AirPods which recognize your voice and filter external noises, and the included charging case provides more than 24-hour of battery. 

Now you can enjoy the 24-month interest-free installment plan to purchase AirPods or other  “True wireless earphone” above MOP1,000* if you are ICBC credit card holders! It will now only cast MOP55 per month to own the latest AirPods!

Also, starting from today, you can redeem a Jawbone UP Move** activity tracker by paying an extra MOP4 per month (List Price MOP398). Let’s enjoy music and sports at the same time together!

* 24-month interest-free installment payment is only applicable to purchase “True wireless earphones” above MOP1,000

** Limited supply of discounted products while stock lasts