AIRSIM 無國界上網卡


AIRSIM已在藍籃網上超市上架!購物滿 MOP200 可獲免費送貨 (貨架位置:其他雜項/旅行用品,或者在搜尋內直接輸入 AIRISM)

AIRSIM 是一張可全球性使用的 SIM Card, 為你提供超過100個國家及地區的網絡,以後當你離開澳門時,就不用再花時間去購買各地的上網卡,AIRSIM 的用法簡單,只要預先在 App 上購買當地的數據服務,到埗後換上 AIRSIM 就可以隨時上網,如果有任何問題,還可即時聯絡24小時的客戶服務,為你解答!AIRSIM 可多次重用,某些地區更提供多於一個網絡給你選擇,既方便又省時!AIRSIM 內大部份國家提供 4G LTE 上網,讓你享受更優質網絡,輕鬆地一直保持聯絡!非常適合經常去旅行及外出公幹的您!

AIRSIM 可循環使用,既方便,又不用購買高昂的漫遊數據套餐,使用 AIRSIM 到熱門地區價錢如下:

  • 台灣、泰國低至 $8/日

  • 日本、韓國、新加坡低至 $10/日

  • 法國、冰島、希臘、德國低至 $13/日

  • AIRSIM 數據套餐收費

【AIRSIM 銷售地點】





Original Technology 為 AIRSIM 的澳門區的代理,歡迎加入成為 AIRSIM 澳門銷售點,請與我們聯絡

AIRSIM - Universal Travel SIM Card

Keeps you stay connected whenever and wherever

AIRSIM is now available at bluBasket Online Groceries! Free delivery upon purchase of MOP200 or above. (Location: Miscellaneous/Travels, or directly input “AIRSIM” at Search bar)

AIRSIM is a local data SIM card, in connection with major operators in more than 100 countries! From now on, you do not need to buy any local data SIM card when you are going to be out of town anymore. Simply with an AIRSIM, you can purchase the data package on App so that you can enjoy the data service immediately upon your arrival - a 24-hour customer service is even available for support! AIRSIM is reusable, normally providing you more than one local carrier for selection and you can enjoy 4G LTE network in most countries - keep you connected in a stable and speedy network! AIRSIM is really good for you who are a frequent traveller!

AIRSIM is re-usable and the data package is affordable - data package for popular cities:

  • Taiwan / Thailand from $8/Day

  • Japan / Korea / Singapore from $10/Day

  • France / Iceland / Greece / Germany from $13/Day

  • AIRSIM Data Package

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Original Technology Ltd is the distributor of AIRSIM in Macau, welcome to join us to be a reseller of AIRSIM, please contact