Asia Miles 一週年大放送

消費每 MOP1=1 里數


Original 與「亞洲萬里通」 合作的 “購物兼儲里數”計劃已經進行了一年,為慶祝活動一週年,由即日起至3月31日,所有於 Original 及 Life by Original 消費的「亞洲萬里通」會員,每消費 MOP1 便可賺取 1 里數(總共送出 250,000 里,送完即止,其後回復 MOP25=1 里數),以購物換取里數、以里數換取數之不盡的生活優惠,由酒店至餐飲,從機票至各種玩樂體驗。機會難得 - 你準備好未?


  1. 優惠期為即日起至2019年3月31日

  2. 顧客必須先登記成為「亞洲萬里通」會員且消費金額須以單一發票滿 MOP300 起

  3. 顧客在優惠期內,於 Original Technology 只能賺取合共上限為2,000里數;或於 Life by Original 只能賺取合共上限為3,000里數;以及於 Original Technology 及 Life by Original 賺取合共不超過共 3,000 里數

  4. 優惠不能與其他優惠同時使用(包括免息分期及 Apple 教育優惠)

  5. 如有任何爭議,Original 及 Life by Original 保留最終決定權


Giveaways for 1st Anniversary with Asia Miles

MOP1 = 1 Mile

To celebrate Original’s 1st anniversary cooperating with Asia Miles, starting from today to 31st March, you can earn 1 mile for just MOP1 purchase at Original and Life by Original (Totally 250,000 miles giveaways, offer valid while miles last and resume MOP25 to 1 mile), and you can redeem your miles for unlimited rewards from air tickets to hotels, fine dining to exciting experiences. Are you ready for such a first ever promotion?

Terms and Conditions

  1. The promotion period is valid from today till 31st March, 2019

  2. Customers have to sign-up as Asia Miles member and with a minimum net spend of MOP300 on a single receipt.

  3. During the promotion period, each customer can earn a maximum of 2,000 miles in total at Original Technology ,or earn maximum of 3,000 miles in total at Life by Original, or earn a maximum of 3,000 miles in total at Original Technology and Life by Original

  4. The promotion cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions (including Interest-Free installment and Apple Education Offer)

  5. In case of dispute, Original and Life by Original reserve the right of final decision