Apple Watch Series 1 & 2

現於 Original 正式發售

Series 2 具備 GPS 及防水功能


時尚之選兼具運動元素 Apple Watch Series 1 & 2

Apple Watch Series 1 & 2 現於 Original 正式發售。

Apple Watch Series 2 配備了所有運動愛好者喜愛的元素,Series 2 具有活動記錄、訓練提示、數據分析,及社交分享的功能,Series 2 能防水及具有 GPS,對比第一代 Apple Watch, Series 2 處理速度更快,屏幕亮度更光,市場上更有大量專為 Apple Watch 而設的 apps;綜合所有優點,Series 2 可以稱得上最全面的智能手錶。

此外,Apple Watch Series 1 亦同時隆重登場,Apple Watch Series 1 具備輕盈的鋁金屬錶殼,擁有第一代 Apple Watch 的所有出色功能並結合全新雙核心處理器與 GPU,效能提升達 50%。







Fusion of performance and modernity – Apple Watch Series 1 & 2

Apple Watch Series 2 enriches lives of sports enthusiasts. In addition to the activity tracking, personal coach, performance analysis, and social sharing features, the new Series 2 is waterproof as well as GPS-enabled, which makes it ideal for runners. Series 2 runs faster with dual-core CPU, having brighter display, and it can work with uncountable apps that are made for it – probably the most functional smart watch right now.

In addition, Apple Watch Series 1 is also available now and it comes in lightweight aluminium and gets the new dual-core processor and GPU with all the incredible features of the original Apple Watch, making it up to 50 percent faster.


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