Apple Watch - Sport

38mm / 42mm 全新售價




由即日起,Original 各分店的 Apple Watch- Sport 版現以全新售價*:

- Apple Watch Sport 38mm 現售 MOP 1,638

- Apple Watch Sport 42mm 現售 MOP 2,048

Apple Watch 可以不用 iPhone 跟身, 便可以單獨連接藍芽耳機播放 iPhone 上音樂,非常適合跑步、健身或做其他運動時戴住聽歌,Apple Watch 還可以顯示及回覆 iMessage, WeChat 及電郵等訊息,而且還可以唔駛用 iPhone,直接遙控影相都得,Apple Watch - Sport 版手錶,又可以睇時間,又有得聽歌同睇訊息,咁多功能,減咗價後認真抵玩,快啲去買番隻啦。




Price Reduction for Apple Watch - Sport 38mm / 42mm

More affordable 

Starting from today, the Apple Watch Sport will be available at a reduced price as below*:

- Apple Watch Sport 38mm at MOP 1,638

- Apple Watch Sport 42mm at MOP 2,048

Apple Watch can playback your synced music directly to a bluetooth headset without the need to have your iPhone with you. It is a good choice for you when you go out for running or doing other sports - Apple Watch can be your health and activity tracker. You can use the Apple Watch to take photos with your iPhone, and also read and reply your emails, iMessage and WeChat messages through Apple Watch without your iPhone. Come and get such a multi-functional Apple Watch for yourself at this special price. 

*The Apple Watch Sports are available while stock lasts.