Original 禮物包裝服務



Original、Life 和 Solo 在各間分店都已經增設了禮物包裝服務,以後凡到我們任一店舖內購物,都可以考慮讓我們為你進行包裝,省卻自行包裝的功夫和時間。Original 除了提供一站式的個人購物體驗,亦是買禮贈送親友的好地方。在特別的節假日,我們更會免費提供禮物包裝服務。



Original Gift Packing Service

It’s a wrap of wishes

Gift Packing Service is now available in all our shops of Original, Life, and Solo. Just come to shop for gifts and you can save time by having them packed before you leave. Original is not only the place for the best one-stop shopping experience, it is also where you could buy gifts for the people you love. In most common gifting holidays, we will even pack them for free.