iPhone 外置電


iPhone 又乾塘?Original 幫你「電過碌蔗」





無電事少,熄機事大。如果唔好彩去到街又發現 iPhone 舊電就死,不妨搵一間 Original 分店借舊 Yell 4000mAH 外置電充充佢。驚一日之內還唔切?唔緊要,三日內到是但一間分店還電,如果舊電無任何損毀,我哋一蚊都唔收。我哋明,因為我哋都係用iPhone,有咩充滿電再講。

►  租借時須支付按金,三日內到任何一間分店完好退還外置電則可取回按金

►  此充電外置電只適用於 iPhone 5 或以上更新型號 iPhone

►   詳細條款及細則 

iPhone Battery Rental Service

We all hate low battery, especially when we are going out. If you need to charge your phone so badly, find an Original store and get a Yell 4000mAH external battery to save your life. Take it with you for a maximum of three days, and return to ANY of our stores at your convenience. Totally free of charge if there is no damage to the battery - we care because we too are iPhone users.

► You need to make deposit and guarantee to return the battery in good condition in 3 days

► Only applicable to iPhone 5 or more advanced iPhone models

► Terms & Conditions.