iPad 及 iPhone 6 個月或 10 個月

iPad/iPhone + AppleCare+ 24 個月




Original 首次推出 iPad 及 iPhone 信用卡免息分期計劃,為你減低購買時的壓力,增加使用時的樂趣。


  • iPhone 及 iPad 6 個月或 10 個月免息分期*

  • 任何 iPhone 或 任何 iPad + AppleCare Plus 24 個月免息分期**


* iPhone 必須 MOP5,000 以上;iPad 必須 MOP4,000 以上;iPhone 及 iPad 6 個月免息分期只適用於大西洋銀行信用卡

* * 24 個月免息分期只適用於工銀澳門、華僑永亨或澳門商業銀行信用卡


iPhone/iPad + AppleCare+ 24-month interest-free installment plan

iPhone/iPad 6-month or 10-month interest-free installment plan

Original proudly introduces the 6-month, 10-month and 24-month interest-free installment plan. If you are ICBC, BNU, OCBC or BCM credit cardholders, you can then enjoy this most affordable option to get:

  • iPhone/iPad for 6-month or 10-month interest-free installment*

  • Any iPhone/iPad + AppleCare Plus for 24-month interest-free installment**

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* The interest-free payment is only applicable to purchase iPhone above MOP5,000 or iPad above MOP4,000; iPhone and iPad 6-month interest-free installment is only applicable to BNU credit card holders

** 24-month interest-free installment is only applicable to ICBC, OCBC or BCM credit card holders