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iPhone X 現於 Original 各分店正式現貨發售*,iPhone X 用上5.8吋 Super Retina OLED 無邊框,全屏幕的版面設計;沒有了 Touch ID,iPhone X 是用 Face ID 開啓 iPhone,保安性比 Touch ID 更強;配置了新一代 4+2 核心 A11 Bionic 處理器,2顆效能核心令效能比前代提升70%,雙相機配置加入四 LED 補光燈系統,令拍攝效更出色。iPhone X 支援 Qi 標準的無線充電板,最好玩之處,是有 TrueDepth 的 7MP 前置相機,能與 Animoji 動畫化 emoji 作即時互動,做出實時3D模擬用家臉部表情動畫。電池方面續航力比現時 iPhone 7 多兩小時。

購買 iPhone X 可享有 免息分期計劃  iPhone 舊換新升級服務,詳情請向各分店查詢

* 貨品實際數量以各分店提供為準; 每人限買 iPhone X 一部。


❒ 64GB (銀色/太空灰) - MOP 8,888

❒ 256GB (銀色/太空灰) - MOP 10,188


❒ 64GB (銀色/太空灰) - 供應穩定

❒ 256GB (銀色/太空灰) - 供應緊張



iPhone X Available Now

iPhone X is available for walk-in purchase at any Original store now*. iPhone X features a 5.8-inch Super Retina display OLED edge-to-edge display. iPhone X features Face ID, which uses 3D facial recognition technology to unlock the phone instead of Touch ID. iPhone X also comes in new A11 Bionic CPU and features with Quad-LED True Tone flash to provide a better shooting effect. Most funny feature of iPhone X is the new animated emoji or “ Animoji” which enable users to create custom 3D animated emoji-based facial expressions. In addition, the iPhone X’s glass back sports wireless inductive charging that works with Qi-certified charging devices. 

Also, you can enjoy the Interest Free Installment Plan and iPhone trade-in service to purchase the new iPhone X. Visit our stores for more information.

*Stock availability in each store may vary. Each customer can only purchase one iPhone X.

Price and Model

❒ 64GB (Silver / Space Gray) - MOP 8,888

❒ 256GB (Silver / Space Gray) - MOP 10,188

【Stock Level

❒ 64GB (Silver / Space Gray) - in stable supply

❒ 256GB (Silver / Space Gray) - in limited supply

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