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由即日起,iPhone XR 於 Original 現貨發售。iPhone XR 為定價相對較低的新 iPhone,iPhone XR 同樣用上了 iPhone X 的設計,但為鋁製機身,使用 6.1 吋 LCD 螢幕,一樣設有 Face ID 並移除了 Home 鍵,與 iPhone XS 同樣使用 A12 處理器並有 IP67 等級的防水防塵保護,同樣支援雙 SIM 卡等等,功能相近但價錢較低,絕對超值。

iPhone XR 備有六色,分別是白色、黑色、藍色、黃色、珊瑚色和 (PRODUCT)Red 紅色,而容量分別有 64GB、128GB 及 256B 三個型號。關於 iPhone XR 價錢

有關供應情況,詳情可到各分店查詢。數量有限,每人限買 iPhone XR 兩部。

選購 iPhone XR 時,更可申請 免息分期,又或者消費同時儲 Asia Miles !


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iPhone XR

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the most affordable new iPhone

Starting today, iPhone XR are available at Original. Apple also introduced iPhone XR, the most affordable new iPhone, similar design to iPhone X, comes with 6.1-inch Liquid Retina Display, aluminum and glass design, Face ID and use of dual SIM as well. iPhone XR has IP67 protection from liquids and dust.

iPhone XR comes in six colourful finishes - white, black, blue, yellow, coral and (PRODUCT)RED and is available in 64GB, 128GB and 256GB storage capacities. Price of iPhone XR.

Please contact our stores for the stock availability. Each customer can only purchase two iPhone XR due to limited supply.

Also, you can enjoy interest-free installment, or earn Asia Miles while spending at Original!

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