iPhone 5s 16GB 激安價 - MOP 2,998  

由即日起,Original各分店的iPhone 5s 16GB 會以激安價格MOP 2,998發售,勁減MOP1,000,激安後的iPhone 5s性價比非常高,數量有限,要買比自己、父母、子女或朋友就要快手,早買早享受。詳情請到各分店查詢。

Price Reduction for iPhone 5s 16GB - MOP 2,998

From today onwards, iPhone 5s 16GB at all Original stores will be sold at a reduced price of MOP 2,998, a total cut of MOP1,000. They are cost effective and in limited quantities so don't hesitate to purchase one for yourself, your parents, your children or your friends! Please visit our stores for more details.