Original 優惠

iPhone 8/8 Plus 及 iPhone X 全新售價


由即日起,Original 各分店的 iPhone 8 / 8 Plus 及 iPhone X 均以全新售價發售:

  • iPhone 8 現售 MOP 5,299 起 

  • iPhone 8 Plus 現售 MOP 6,199 起

  • iPhone X 現售 MOP 7,899 起

購買 iPhone 更可選擇24個月免息分期或者消費同時儲 Asia Miles! 仲有 iPhone 配件套裝的限定優惠!

宜家係最抵的入手時機,詳情請到 Original 各分店查詢。數量有限,售完即止!


Original Promotion

Price Reduction for iPhone 8/8 Plus & iPhone X

Starting from today, iPhone 8 / 8 Plus and iPhone X at all Original stores will be available at a reduced price as below:

  • iPhone 8 from MOP 5,299  

  • iPhone 8 Plus from MOP 6,199 

  • iPhone X from MOP 7,899 

Also, you can enjoy 24-month interest-free installment or earn Asia Miles while spending at Original! iPhone accessories bundle offer is available too!

Come and get such a powerful phone for yourself at this special price! Visit us for more information. Limited supply while stocks last.