Jaybird Run 限定優惠

送 AustSports Eyewear 專業運動太陽眼鏡


今個夏季 Jaybird 特別與 AustSports Eyewear 合作,由即日起,凡於 Original 購買 Jaybird Run 真無線耳機,即可獲贈 AustSports Eyewear x Jaybird Diver 或 Runner 系列專業運動太陽眼鏡一副(價值 MOP1,980/1,280)*。

關於 Jaybird Run:
Jaybird RUN 真・無線耳機單次充電就擁有四小時播放電量,專為跑手而製,能夠防水防汗,表現可拍住你的毅力和耐力。在音樂播放方面,跑手可透過手機 app 控制 RUN 高低音的表現,而 RUN 同時支援通話功能,更有多對不同大小的耳塞及耳固,確保 RUN 可舒適地長時間戴在你的耳上。

* 免費禮品數量有限,送完即止


Jaybird Run Limited Offer

free AustSports Eyewear sports sunglasses

This summer, Jaybird presents you a crossover with Austsports Eyewear. Starting from today, upon your purchase of Jaybird Run truly wireless earphones at Original, you can get either one AustSports Eyewear x Jaybird Diver or Runner Series sports sunglasses for free (List Price MOP1,980/1,280)* .

About Jaybird Run:
Jaybird RUN truly wireless earphones can play for four hours in one charge and are tailor-made for runners. They are water-resistant, sweat-proof, perseverant and enduring, and runners can also adjust the bass and treble with the mobile app. RUN also support wireless phone calls, and they come with pairs of tips and fins for a comfortable and secure fit on your ears.

* Free gift is in limited supply while stock lasts