Marshall 喇叭及耳機



由即日起至 7 月 31 日,購買 Marshall Stockwell 或 STANMORE 藍牙喇叭,可以半價購買以下 Marshall 產品*:

  • Marshall MAJOR FX 頭戴式耳機 - 優惠價 MOP499 (原價 MOP998)
  • Marshall MAJOR 頭戴式耳機 - 優惠價 MOP449 (原價 MOP898)



Marshall Speaker & Headphones

Bundle Offer

Starting today to 31st July, with your purchasing of Marshall Stockwell or STANMORE wireless speaker, you can enjoy 50% off for purchasing below Marshall products:

  • Marshall MAJOR FX Headphones - Promotional Price MOP499 (List Price MOP998)
  • Marshall MAJOR Headphones - Promotional Price MOP449 (List Price MOP898)

*Discounted products are in limited supply while stock last.