Original 慈善

奧比斯慈善奬券 2018


一年一度為失明兒童籌款的奧比斯慈善奬券售賣已經開始了,一如以往,你可以到 Original 及 Life 各分店買到慈善奬券。MOP10 一張奬券,可以幫到失明兒童,又得到一個抽奬機會!

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Original Charity

Orbis raffle 2018

To continue our support to ORBIS’ charitable work on saving eyesight for numerous children, the ORBIS Raffle 2018 is now for sale in all stores of Original and Life. MOP10 is not only the support to Orbis but also a chance to win the lucky draw prize.

Let’s support Orbis together with your friends and family! 

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