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thecoopidea Journey SLIM 5000mAh 外置電

今次出售嘅貨品是  thecoopidea Journey SLIM 5000mAh 外置電,原價為 MOP348, 現於「Original 網上限定」以「限時優惠」價 MOP188 出售,優惠低至6折!

thecoopidea Journey SLIM 5000mAh 外置電厚度只有8mm, 整體大小跟一部 iPhone 7 Plus 相若。纖薄的外型擁有兩個 USB 輸出,可以同時為兩部 iPhone 充電,而 5000mAh 電池容量,可為 iPhone 7 等一般智能電話等充電大約兩次。另外,外置電更附送通過蘋果認證的 Lightning 傳輸線,等你可以安心使用。

*「Original 網上限定」只提供粉藍、粉紅版 SLIM 5000mAh 的優惠,其他款式則於各 Original 分店以正價有售,請到各分店查詢。





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【Original Online Deal】Flash sale

thecoopidea Journey SLIM 5000mAh Powerbank

This time our flash sale offer on “Original Online Deal” is thecoopidea Journey SLIM 5000mAh Powerbank, our flash sale price here just costs MOP188 (40% off from the listed price MOP348).

thecoopidea Journey SLIM 5000mAh Powerbank is 8mm thick only - size like an iPhone 7 Plus. The dual USB output ports allow two iPhones or other devices to be charged simultaneously. The capacity of 5000 mAh can fully charge an iPhone 7 or similar device twice. Also, it comes with Apple-approved Lightning cable - ensuring it will continue to work after iOS upgrades.

*Only Paradise Blue and Latin Pink of SLIM 5000mAh are available on flash sale of “Original Online Deal”. Other colours are available at its list price at Original, visit us for more information.

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